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After you've been lashed by us!

For longer and cleaner wear of your lash extensions

  • Do not get lashes wet for the for the first 24 hours 

  • Do not use any steam rooms, or saunas (No Sunbeds for the first 48 hours)

  • Do not perm or tint or use eyelash curlers on the lashes 

  • Do not allow any type of direct heat or flames near the lashes

  • Do not pick the eyelash extensions out at any point - be gentle they are delicate!

  • Avoid using mascara completely on the lash extensions

Why is it important to follow the aftercare advice given?

After lash appointments


  • Your lashes will remain fuller and will stay neat

  • Your natural lashes will not suffer damage

  • You will have more time on the bed being lashed up than us cleaning your lashes!

  • The extensions will last longer then average


How to keep clean your lash extensions..

After you have your lash treatment



  • You will be given a lash wand after your treatment

  • Using your eyelash wand, pat/stroke gently with the cleanser (Baby shampoo or eyelash cleanser we recommend) on the lash line - removing any oils or bacteria

  • To dry the lashes - apply a hair dryer over the lashes on a cool mode for a few seconds!

  • Brush over the lashes with the eyelash wand

  • If you have eye make up on your eyelid - check our products or the LWBV Eyelid cleanser brush - We recommend to use to remove any eyeshadow with a cleanser again (No oil cleansers) - never using cotton buds as the material can get caught to your lashes

What to expect after your lash treatment..

Week 1

Your lashes should look full without the need for an infill session. The occasional eyelash may fall out 

Week 2

As more eyelashes mature and fall out your eyelashes will start to look less full. This is perfectly normal and will not be particularly noticeable, now is a good time to book your infill session for the following week (Infills normally required 2-3 weeks after you have full set applied). 

Week 3

By the third week gaps are inevitable as your natural eyelashes reach maturity and fall out. Without the correct aftercare larger gaps may start appearing. Ensure your full effect lasts longer by attending an infill appointment when necessary.

Week 4

Without an infill appointment most of your original extensions will have fallen out, meaning a new full set will be required on your next appointment.


For any further questions, please feel free to send us a WhatsApp message or email.

Please note: We will reply as soon as possible but bare with us as we are super busy lashing!

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