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Crystals & Cleansing

At Lashes World By Victoria, we specialise in giving you the perfect eyelash extensions that will bring out the best in your look. To complement our services, we also offer holistic healing products and crystals to help you embark manifestation on your highest self, to protect your home space, your energy and your workspace!


Our mission is to help you feel beautiful and empowered, one look at a time.

Enjoy our most favourite crystal and cleansing magic!

With Love, Victoria xXx


Trust your intuition when choosing your products...

Your highest self always knows!


At Lashes World by Victoria, we take a holistic approach to beauty. Not only do we offer eyelash extensions, but we also provide Reiki treatments. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that can help with a variety of physical, emotional, and mental issues.

These treatments can help reduce stress, increase energy, and promote healing using our hands in a calm relaxed state with meditation music in the background and cleansing incense sticks. Victoria is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired look while also promoting mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Book and visit us today to find out more about the science behind Reiki and how it can help you...

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