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About Victoria.

Lashes World By Victoria LTD started in 2018 and ever since then, has grown rapidly every year, to an established Six figure business and a loyal community of over 500+ clients and become one of the most popular eyelash artists in London with a fully booked established business. 

Within a short amount of time she has lashed A List celebrities & influencers such as Demi Rose, Nicole Charbass, Misse Beqiri, Rube Mae, Mega is her name, Cameron Valentina, Leonie Mcsorley, Montana Nostalgia, Alexis economou, and many more.

Victoria has a huge passion for helping woman look and feel good. internally and externally. The business represents empowerment independence but also embracing feminine energy combined! We have qualified over 200+ students into the eyelash world with our eyelash academy, introducing our very own eyelash brand, be-spoke eyelash manuals/bibles, e-books and also helping woman with their mental health, inspiring woman to get out of depression, gain self-confidence and creating a life there happy with.

Our appointments are now limited to our existing clients or a VIP referral on request via Whatsapp.

Our 1:11 eyelash courses are done on a private basis, and can be booked via our Lash trainings page in advance. 

We are proud to announce our online academy, where you can qualify from the own comfort of your own home!

Thank you for your continued support.always.

Victoria xxx

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